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New from The Sky Plus!


We now offer private star parties for your next graduation, birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary or company event.

It is an excellent opportunity to make your party last into the night. Spruce it up with our lively, informative viewing session.

The package includes*:

  • Up to 2-hour informative viewing session using an 11" computerized
    Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • Up to 30 impressive objects with a lively presentation to introduce your guests to these magical celestial jewels**
  • Set up and breakdown
  • Personal requests can be honored on the spot

  • Yours will be the best party on the block. Your guests will be wowed!

    *Prices range from $300 to $400 depending on the duration of the Star Party.
    **The number of objects visible on a particular night may vary with phases of the moon, as well as the weather conditions. Stars and deep sky objects are not visible through the clouds. The Sky Plus reserves the right to cancel the Star Party in the event of inclement weather conditions with full refund.

    Call us now to discuss how we can help make your party a memorable event!

    For an appointment or phone consultation call
    (301) 829-3586
    For an email consultation send to

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