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Lunar Map

Viewing the moon is a very impressive sight even through a small telescope.
How many features can you find on the moon?

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Tips on Viewing the Moon

  • You should be able to get a very sharp image if you look at the terminator, the line separating the sunlit side from the night side of the Moon. The shadows cast by sunlight are long at the terminator, so detail will be enhanced.
  • The southern part of the Moon has far more craters. Try to view this area at the terminator for a highly detailed view.
  • For the best view, try to view the moon when it is less than half full otherwise it can be to bright.
  • If there is a full moon keep in mind that while some of the more faint deep sky objects will be more dim than usual, one can usually view the five brighter planets with no problem.
  • Remember that using a Celestron Lunar filter will enhance the detail of the moon.

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