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What to give that special Astronomy Enthusiast in your life this year?


It is a unique gift that may make their long-time dream come true. Most astronomers are not utilizing their personal telescopes to the maximum potential because they do not know what their instrument can do. Many would like to upgrade to larger telescopes but do not know what they can potentially see.

Your gift can provide them with a rare opportunity that will put their worries to rest

The package includes*:

  • 1-hour informative observing session using a 14" computerized
    Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope or an instrument of their choice from our inventory
  • Up to 20 impressive objects they may have never seen before**
  • Personal requests can be honored on the spot
  • Flexible, customer driven scheduling

  • 100% satisfaction guarranteed or your money back.***

    *Prices vary from $100 to $200 depending on the instrument they would prefer to use. A session using our 14" telescope in the observatory is $100.
    **The number of objects visible on a particular night may vary with phases of the moon, as well as the weather conditions. Stars and deep sky objects are not visible through the clouds.
    ***This guarrantee is only honored in the event the observing session actually takes place. The session is 100% refundable 30 days from the purchase and prior to the session taking place.

    To learn more about our personal observing sessions, call or e-mail us

    Gift certificates can be purchased online or by calling
    (301) 829-3586
    For an email consultation send to

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